The government program has determined that the Government will work in three main directions by setting measurable objectives:

"First to increase and promote electronic services for citizens, businesses and administration. Priority will be on increasing transparency and improving public administration services in accordance with the principles of the Open Government Partnership initiative.
Secondly, the use of ICT in education to overcome the digital gap and enlighten the youth. Policies will be oriented towards improving and expanding human capacities in order to increase the number of users and to promote the development of e-service providers. This will encourage the creation of jobs for young people who can be employed in the Albanian, regional and wider market.
Thirdly, the consolidation of the digital infrastructure in the entire territory of the Republic of Albania, rigorously respecting the European principles of free and fair competition". DIGITAL AGENDA OF ALBANIA 2015-2020


The multifunctional governmental portal e-albania.al is administered and developed by the National Agency for Information Society and serves as a gateway through which any interested person can access via electronic means all electronic services provided by the public institutions in Albania. The e-Albania governmental portal is linked to the Governmental Interoperability Platform, which is the basic architecture that enables the interaction with electronic systems of public institutions.

The registration process is based on the "Single-Sign-On" strategy to create a unique identity for each user, using NID for citizens and NUIS for businesses. The registration process is carried out through the Governmental Interoperability Platform and the data provided by the user during the registration process is verified electronically in real time with the National Civil Registry for individuals and National Business Registry for businesses. This verification requires the civil data filled out by citizens in the registration form to be strictly accurate in order to match their data in the Albanian National Civil/Business Registry. Only if the data matches, the registration process can be carried out successfully. Businesses on the other hand, can be registered only by their official administrator. The registration process is also equipped with the two-step verification, thus requiring the insertion of a temporary activation code which is delivered by SMS.

Only people who possess an Albanian ID card/passport can be registered on the portal. The one-time registration, followed by the identification process, enables them to use all the e-services that require log in. The e-services dedicated to foreign citizens are open and as a result there is no need for logging in.


Become the main channel for obtaining online public administration services.

What e-Albania offers:

  • It is a one stop shop for online public administration services;

  • Is an online channel for providing public services, 24 hours, 7 days a week;

  • Provides electronic services at level 3 and 4 (according to UNPAN 2014) through the latest technology standards, the ability to make online payments for these services through debit and credit cards;

  • Provides electronic level 1 and 2 services (according to UNPAN 2014), where any interested person obtains detailed information about public services (licenses, permits, authorizations, certificates, or other similar services), documentations, the procedure to be followed, the operating schedules and the location of the administration offices, contacts, and the address of the official website of the institution providing the relevant service, where it can be oriented for further details;

  • It is completely in line with government policies in the field of ICT and Crosscutting Strategy "Digital Agenda of Albania 2015-2020"

  • Provides communication options for any uncertainties, questions or problems regarding registration, services offered on the portal, through the forum of the portal, email, comments and messages on social networks;

  • It has improved service delivery, reduced service delivery time, avoided bureaucracy, and reduced corruption;

  • Provides information and electronic services that are created and maintained by various public and private institutions. The availability and accuracy of the service is the responsibility of the relevant institution, which provides its electronic service through the portal;


  • To be the main channel for receiving online public administration services for citizens, businesses and employees of the public administration;

  • To provide users with a platform where they can be an active part of improving public services and drafting government policies;

  • To expand user experience through the continuous addition of electronic services with over 100 other electronic services within 2017;

  • To increase information on the existence of public administration services;


  • All Albanian citizens and foreigners with a temporary or permanent registration in the Republic of Albania;

  • Businesses registered in the Republic of Albania;

  • Public administration employees in the active directory;

  • Portal visitors.

General standards

  • Provides information on the services offered by the public administration institutions. The information presented on the portal is updated by the institutions themselves as needed;

  • Provides availability 24/7/365 with over 99% functionality of the portal;

  • Connects to the Governmental Interoperability Platform (Government Gateway – GG), which has 42 institutions that exchange real-time data and will soon be added with 5 other institutions;

  • The interoperability system is a central multifunctional system, an Enterprise Service Bus solution with a service-oriented architecture;

  • Payments of electronic services are carried out securely through the Governmental Electronic Payments Platform, which is linked to banking and non-banking institutions;

  • Offers the interplay of a variety of security technologies to protect user data. The registration process is carried out through the governmental portal and the completed information, by the users during the census process, are verified electronically with the data of the National Civil Status Registry for Individuals and the National Registry of Commerce for Businesses (NRC);

  • The authentication and identification process is based on the "Single-Sign-On" strategy, to create a unique identity for each user, using IDN for Citizens and UIN for businesses;

  • It is compatible with the latest versions of Internet browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari etc.;

  • Access to mobile web versions, iOS and Android mobile apps;;

  • Provided 100% in Albanian;

How has the portal facilitated services for the citizens and improved public services?

Since 2013 onwards a various range of public services that were available only by traditional means (appointments at the relevant offices, paper applications, long lines, many forms, etc.) today are available by electronic means, through one gateway, be that a mobile phone, computer, e-Albania digital kiosks etc.

The interaction between Government Interoperability Platformandnumerous national state databases enables around 57% of online forms on e-Albania to be prefilled, thus facilitating the application procedures. All of 500e-services offered on the portal are dedicated to a wide range of users, from unemployed citizens, drivers, property owners, pupils, the elderly, Albanians living abroad, businesses, civic employees etc. These services are also classified in categories (health, economy, education, etc.) and are also searchable through the search bar.

Moreover, some of the services offered on the portal are 100% re-engineered hence offering a service completely paperless.

Currently, more than 314,000 users are registered on the portal.


An e-service of substantial impact in Albanian society is “Application for a Health Card”. A Health Card is the proofing document needed to show that its holder is insured and a beneficiary of free health services. Since 2016 the health card can be generated and renewed online in a few seconds on e-Albania, and most importantly without having to submit any additional documentation for categories like self-employed, disabled citizens, the elderly, etc. due to the interconnection of systems on GIP. The latter eliminates the submission of documents from citizens while offering a 100% paperless service. The QR code follows every card generated through the portal and guarantees its authenticity. There have been circa24,000health card online applications to date.

Furthermore, all Albanian citizens belonging to the 35 – 70 age group can access and review their check-up results online on e-Albania. This is an entirely new e-service whereby citizens operate as active actors in creating a health register for the population. This e-service has been used around 6,000times and also aids citizens in keeping a personal track of their health records through the years.

Property owners and construction permits

From November 2016, the e-Property category has had great importance and impact on e-Albania carrying 51 e-services offered by the Immovable Property Registration Office.These e-services consist on application for registration, authentication documents, certificates, copies of maps, etc. and have been used more than 16,000 times to date.

On the other hand, the “Application for a Construction Permit” e-service has assisted greatly in the reduction of corruptive practices.Following the application process, which can be made only through e-Albania, a variety of institutions cooperate in giving an official answer within a deadline of 60 days. The core system of this e-service unifies the communication gateway of the relevant institutions and disposes of at least 23,000 accompanying documents every month, thus establishing a paperless procedure, saving physical archive costs, as well as time for citizens and civic employees. Periodic reminder reports and tacit approvalhaveelevated the institutions’ responsibility and their transparency in taking decision and answering citizens, in cases when the processing deadline is exceeded. The e-service counts circa 7,000applications to date.


The prior registration of seniors taking theelective graduate exams is an entirely online process made through the portal. The e-service counted over 32,000 successful applications for the current school year. Through this service the process of applying on paper is eliminated.


Taxes, fines can be verifiedthrough the portal and can be securely paid through the Electronic Payment Governmental Platform with a debit/credit card or a non-banking channel. Other facilities offered include updated official information in real time on the personal vehicle, a variety of applications (permanent and temporaryderegistration, ownership certificate obtainment, etc.) regarding the vehicle. The whole cluster of vehicle e-services has been used over 100,000 timesin the last two years.


Registered users of e-Albania can receive an extract from the Registry of the General Directorate of Civil Status in the form of a family or personal certificate, without bearing any costs and effective immediately. These extracts have been generated more than 36,000 times in the portal.

Following the first changes on the legal packet on electronic services, the digital sealhasbeentechnically implemented on the portal. The digital seal will bear legal value on every generated document from the portal, hence taking a crucial step towards one gateway PaperLess service.


Citizenswho are about to retire have the option of sending online therequest to benefit their pension, whereas retirees can get their pension’s certificate, verify the amount of supplementary pensions or undrawn measures in real time etc.


Users can verify the amount of variouspaid contributions such as social, health, supplementary ones, theirofficially declared salaries, etc. Transparency aids this e-service to get rid of potential abuse from the employer by helping citizens to pay for their pensions, as well as institutions in fighting informality and peculation. Citizens have generated more than 47,000 uses of this e-service until August 2017.


In comparison to the long hard-copy forms required before to register a new business, nowadays citizens can apply online through the allotted online service which counts over 3800 applications to date, thus saving a few hours of their time. Likewise, the mandatory online deposit practice of annual balance sheet is established (around 17,000 balances consigned for the period January-August 2017), whereas in regards to electronically signed business extracts, applying to change business data or real time information on business operating status and its shareholders, the portal offers specific electronic services (used over 26,700 times until August 2017).

Albanians abroad

From January 2017, the majority of public services offered to Albanian citizens abroad are accessible as online services. These e-services assist Albanians abroad to save up to several days of their time, as well as hundreds of euros as a result of transport and other expenses. They also eliminate documentation errors by giving citizens the opportunity to re-upload the correct document to the same application due to e-mail notifications by embassies/consulates.Regardless of being comparably new, these e-services have been used around 54,000 times and have generated around 13,500 applications in 8 months.

To provide a better experience while using the portal, we encourage users to leave their comments or suggestions through the portal forum, emails, comments, and messages on social networks;