Terms of Use

The unique multifunctional governmental portal e-albania.al serves as a gateway through which any interested person can access via electronic means all electronic services provided by the public institutions in Albania. The e-Albania governmental portal is linked to the Governmental Interoperability Platform, which is the basic architecture that enables the interaction with the electronic systems of the public institutions.

The portal also provides detailed information about public services (licenses, permits, authorizations, certificates, or other similar services), the necessary documentation, the procedure to be followed, the operating schedules and the location of the administration offices, contacts, as well as the official website of the institution providing the relevant service, where it can be orientated for further details.

General conditions

The public sector offers its services electronically through the unique governmental portal e-albania.al, in accordance with the legal acts in force in the Republic of Albania. The National Agency for Information Society (NAIS), in accordance with the Council of Ministers Decision No. 703, dated 29.10.2014, "On the National Agency for Information Society" develops, administers and maintains the infrastructure of e- government services, the unique government portal e-Albania, the Governmental Interoperability Platform, for the delivery of e-Government services, by typology: government-government, government-citizen, and government-business. The portal administrator, NAIS, is not responsible for possible losses stemming from the use or non-use of the services provided through the portal. In the case of electronic services, where the portal provides only the intermediary environment, the institution responsible for providing the service is responsible for the specific service. The services provided on the portal are free of charge, excluding those services, which are provided with payment according to the legal provisions in force. The portal, in the information provided, is not responsible for the updating and accuracy of the information on the services or websites that are offered as links to it. This is the responsibility of the respective institutions. The user information on this portal is protected in accordance with the provisions of the law on personal data protection and copyright law and other related rights.


Prior consent is required from users when registering on the e-Albania governmental portal.

Acquiring public electronic government services through the governmental portal and/or other electronic systems by any user, physical or legal entity, continues to the process of authentication and identification to ensure reliability and security in providing individual services.

In the case of electronic levels 3 and 4 (according to UNPAN 2014) electronic services on the unique governmental portal e-Albania, sent documents and other services, the portal verifies the user's identity on the basis of user-related information through "Single-Sign- On" in accordance with Council of Ministers Decision No.734 of 28.8.2013 "On the establishment of a unique system of registration, authentication and identification of users in the provision of public services by electronic systems".

The registration process is carried out through the government portal and the data provided by users during the registration process are electronically verified with the data of the National Civil Status Registry for Individuals and the National Registry of Commerce (NRC).

Https communication - secure online communication. Encrypted communication - TLS 1.0, AES 128

Personal data

In accordance with the Law on Personal Data Protection, personal data are stored in the portal’s system exclusively with the user's permission and within the need for the functioning of the portal and its services. By completing his identification information and creating the relevant account on the portal, the user agrees to the terms of use of the portal and agrees that:

  1. - Personal data will be processed and stored in the portal’s information system;
  2. - Demands on the state databases will be performed on a personal basis.

Details stored on the unique governmental portal will be saved and processed by the portal’s administrator and service provider exclusively for service delivery purposes.

For more information, refer to the "Privacy Policy" section.

Technical data

The technical data stored on the unique governmental portal system will not be made available in a personalized form for third parties. Cookies will be used to identify the user session. The following data are considered as technical details:

  1. • User IP address;
  2. • Identifying the user's "web browser";
  3. • Portal’s URL page to which the user is addressed;
  4. • Identity card number, mobile phone number;
  5. • Personal number, name and surname.


In accordance with the law "On copyright and related rights"

  1. - Detailed references to all the materials and services of the portal are allowed; In the case of a wrong reference, the administrators responsible for the content of the portal and the authors will have the right to request the removal of the reference or its amendment.
  2. - Partial and/or complete reproduction of the portal’s information is allowed, provided that the integrity of the information is respected and that neither the meaning nor the significance, nor their application, nor the source and the date of publication, are changed.
  3. - Reproduction for commercial or advertising purposes will not be permitted, except for exceptions.

Cybercrime Legislation

Since 2002 Albania has ratified the "Convention on Cybercrime". The current convention is needed to curb actions directed against the confidentiality, integrity and availability of computer systems, networks and computer data, as well as the misuse of such systems, networks and data, by ensuring that such activity is criminalized, such as is described in this Convention and through the creation of sufficient forces for the effective combat of these criminal offenses, facilitating the detection, investigation and prosecution of these offenses at both national and international levels and by providing fast and effective and reliable international cooperation agreements.

Click here for a summary of Cybercrime legislation in the field of information technology (in Albanian).