Privacy Policy Regulation

The National Agency for Information Society (hereafter referred to as 'NAIS') pursuant to the Council of Ministers Decision No. 703, dated 29.10.2014, "On the National Agency for Information Society" develops, administers and maintains the infrastructure of electronic governance services, the unique governmental portal e- Albania, the Governmental Interoperability Platform for the delivery of e-Government services, according to typology: government-government, government-citizen, government-business.



The purpose of this Regulation is to inform the subjects of personal data on the manner of collection, processing, dissemination, preservation, and security measures taken for their data on the e-Albania governmental portal.
Based on:

- The Constitution of the Republic of Albania,
- Law No.9887 dated 10.03.2008 "On the Protection of Personal Data",
- Law No.9918 dated 19.05.2008 'On Electronic and Postal Communications' and other sub-legal acts in supplement.

The portal administrator (National Agency for Information Society) performs the lawful processing of personal data by respecting and guaranteeing the fundamental human rights and freedoms and, in particular, the right to privacy.



Data protection is based on:

- Processing fairly and lawfully;
- Collection for specific purposes, clearly defined, legitimate and in accordance with these purposes;
- Adequacy of data, which should be related to the purpose of processing and not to exceed this purpose;
- The accuracy that the data must have and, where necessary, updated, any reasonable step must be taken to delete or correct inaccurate or incomplete data concerning the purpose for which they are collected or for which are further processed;
- Keeping that form to allow identification of data subjects for a time, but no more than necessary for the purpose for which they are collected or further processed.



- Right to access

1. Everyone has the right to receive by the controller upon written request and free of charge:

- confirmation of whether their personal data are being processed or not, information on the purpose of processing, the categories of processed data, and the recipients and categories of recipients to whom the personal data are disclosed;

- in a comprehensible form, personal data and information available for their source;

2. Within 30 days from the date of receipt of the application, the controller shall inform the data subject or explain to him the reasons for not providing the information.

The National Agency for Information Society
Rr. Papa Gjon Pali II, No. 3
1003 Tirana, Albania

- The right to request blocking, correction or deletion

1. Every data subject has the right to request blocking, correction or deletion of free data when he/she is informed that the data about him/her is not regular, true, complete or processed, and collected in contravention with the provisions of this law.

2. Within 30 days of receipt of the data subject's request, the controller shall inform him/her of the lawful processing of the data, execution or non-execution of the blocking, correction or deletion.

3. When the controller fails to block, correct or delete the data requested by him/her, the data subject has the right to complain to the commissioner.



NAIS does not transmit your personal information to third parties, unless expressly provided for your consent.
NAIS is aware of the importance and sensitivity of personal data and strictly respects the security measures provided for in Law No. 9887, dated 10.03.2008 "On Personal Data Protection". This is achieved through the use of advanced and modern techniques for storing databases and its computer systems. Also, NAIS ensures that the transfer and registration of data is done with full security measures in full compliance with the relevant legislation.
This privacy notice to achieve personal data protection does not include links between this site and other websites. We encourage you to read privacy statements on other websites that you visit since the terms of these pages may differ from those of the NAIS.



Through the explanation above, NAIS hopes to have informed you in detail and in full about your privacy issues.
If you have questions, complaints, requests or remarks about these issues, do not hesitate to contact us at the following address:

The National Agency of Information Society
Rr. Papa Gjon Pali II, No. 3
1003 Tirana, Albania



Any person who claims to have been violated the rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of personal data has the right to complain or to notify the commissioner and to request his intervention to put in place the violated right. After this appeal, in accordance with the Civil Procedure Code, the data subject may appeal to the court.

Commissioner for Data Protection
Rr. "A. Toptani ", II floor.

If the data subject has filed an appeal, the controller has no right to change the personal data until the final decision is made.


This regulation should be understood in accordance with the General Conditions of this site.

The National Information Society Agency reserves the right to amend or modify this regulation at any time, subject to any possible change of legislation in the field of protection of personal data and privacy.